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Jean-François Gariépy is the host of the daily news show JFG Tonight© on Odysee, every day, 7 PM ET.

Dr. Gariépy is also the author of the scientific theory of phenotypic revolutions, a major break-through in our understanding of the evolution of genetic layers and the emergence of life.

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The Revolutionary Phenotype

The Revolutionary Phenotype is a science book that brings us four billion years into the past, when the first living molecules showed up on Planet Earth. Unlike what was previously thought, we learn that DNA-based life did not emerge from random events in a primordial soup. Indeed, the first molecules of DNA were fabricated by a previous life form. By describing the fascinating events referred to as Phenotypic Revolutions, this book provides a dire warning to humanity: if humans continue to play with their own genes, we will be the next life form to fall to our own creation.

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Letter To Humans on Gene Editing

My letter to humans about gene editing.

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